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I offer 50-minute individual online counselling sessions,

emotional support groups and workshops by demand. My practice supports clients going through life challenges and looking for self-development, drawn from a humanistic approach. I am trauma-informed and use an integrative holistic lens that helps my clients to see themselves in the driver’s seat of their lives.
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About me

Hello, my name is Ana, I’m a Registered Counsellor (RTC) in Vancouver (CA). In my quest for personal growth, I have discovered a great passion for guiding people in uncovering their inner wisdom and embracing their unique voices. I believe in the inherent power within each person to evolve and enhance their lives.


I am trauma-informed, inclusive to diversity, and drawn from a humanistic approach. Mainly influenced by Person-Centered therapy, I help my clients feel empowered to take charge of their therapeutic journey, supporting them diving into the various aspects of their psyche, shed layers of past conditioning, and rediscover their authentic selves and inner guidance.

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“Nature is my anchor, always reminding me of the present moment”


My intention with this blog is to bring free resources for whoever is in need. You may find here impressions of books I read, videos I recommend for different life challenges, inspiring meditations for a quiet night, podcasts and journal prompts.

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