My Practice

Two people on a video call (Icon)

I offer 50-minute individual online counselling sessions,

emotional support groups and workshops by demand. I love to support clients going through life challenges and looking for self-development, inspired by Carl Rogers humanistic approach. My practice is trauma-informed using an integrative holistic lens that helps my clients to see themselves in the driver’s seat of their lives. Allowing them to explore the many parts of their psyche, shedding layers of past conditioning, and inspiring clients to rediscover their true self and inner bliss.

Areas I can support you in

Benefits of Counselling for your life

The benefits of counselling typically include increased awareness of one’s own patterns and emotional defaults, improved interpersonal relationships, reduced stress and anxiety, and an increase in one’s ability to manage intense emotions.


With time my clients start to become more comfortable with their emotions and acceptance of facts and situations is more attainable.


They also start feeling more empowered and excited to make the changes necessary to improve their lives.

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Online Sessions: an easy way show up for yourself

I currently offer virtual individual sessions. Online sessions have many advantages as they are easier to fit your busy schedule and routine. You only need a cell phone or computer with wi-fi, and a private space. You can attend a counselling session from your home, park, nature or any other place you feel safe to express yourself.

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  • Two people on a video call (Icon)

    Discovery call of 15-20 mins

    One on one counselling, individual 50-minute sessions** (sessions offered in English or Portuguese)


    Workshops (by demand)
    Group Therapy 


  • Individual Online Counselling

    The online counselling sessions are carried out on zoom and you will need a laptop/cell phone with a fast internet wi-fi. I encourage the use of headphones for privacy.


    ​Fee: $120 per 50 minutes

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  • Free Discovery call with me

    A 15 minute phone call for us to get to know each other and see if I am a good fit for your needs.


    ​Fee: No Cost

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**I believe mental health is a basic right and counselling should be accessible to everyone. At Ana Atem Counseling I offer a limited number of slots for people who are struggling financially to afford counseling. Please get in touch with me to see how I can help you prioritize your wellbeing and have counseling accessible to you.

Extended health insurance

Most Extended health benefits cover counselling services, such as Sun Life, Canada Life, Pacific Blue Cross, Alberta Blue Cross, GroupSource, ManuLife, Green Shield and Equitable Life of Canada.


I encourage clients to contact their extended health benefits provider to see if services from a Registered Professional Counsellor (RPC) or Registered Therapeutic Counsellor (RTC) are covered by their plans and how the reimbursement process works. I provide clients with an invoice after each session that can be submitted to insurance providers for reimbursement.