How do I improve my life and where do I start?

There is no magic formula for growth, or shortcut. There is only the way that fits your lifestyle better and your level of preparation for change.

Some curiosities to ask yourself:

Why are you looking for change?

What are you willing to do to improve your life?

Those two questions can be the starter point for your journey. Maybe take some time to journal about them, write everything that comes in mind, worries, thoughts, aspirations, dreams, feelings. Look for the answers inside of you not in exterior factors or events. Improving your life has everything to do with you and not others. What’s bothering you?

In the next posts I will offer some tools to help you start, however, you are in control of your life, not me or anyone else. YOU know yourself best, YOU know what makes you feel great or not great. So… take what resonates with you, what calls your soul.

Journalling is the tool I am proposing here. It is free, it is easy and it doesn’t need to be complicated.

Feel if there is resistance coming up for you. If so, where is it coming from? Why are you resisting to change? Write more about those questions. Write about the feelings that come up while you read this text. Explore, let yourself be moved by the emotions, allow yourself to feel, write a little bit more.

I’d love for you to try and start on a beautiful path that only you can embark 🙂